This is the Only Movie That Will be Shot With IMAX Film Cameras in 2025

A person in a black suit and white shirt adjusts a large IMAX camera set up directly above another person lying in bed, who is covered with white sheets and has visible medical bandages. The scene is set in a room with a cream-colored wall and a vintage bed frame.
Christopher Nolan and Cillian Murphy with an IMAX camera on the set of Oppenheimer. | Melinda Sue Gordon/Universal Pictures

Despite IMAX having perhaps its most important year ever last year — mostly thanks to Oppenheimer — only one movie in 2025 is currently slated to be shot with the analog cameras.

According to a report from Collider, an as-yet-unnamed thriller movie directed by Ryan Coogler and featuring Michael B. Jordan will be the only production utilizing the awesome power of an IMAX film camera.

Two men at separate events. Left, a man with short, styled hair and a beard, wearing a dark suit over a brown shirt. Right, a man with a trimmed beard wearing a sleeveless gray top and black pants, smiling and pointing at the camera. Both stand in front of branded backdrops.
Director Ryan Coogler. Michael B. Jordan, right.

Coogler shot some scenes of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever on IMAX cameras that also featured Jordan who himself employed IMAX cameras when he turned director for Creed III and used them to shoot the big fight scenes.

Given how big of a cultural event Oppenheimer was last summer, it might be something of a surprise to see so few productions taking on the challenge of shooting IMAX. Theaters across the world held special screenings of Oppenheimer on a 70mm projector, creating a remarkable cinematic experience for those lucky enough to attend one.

However, the movie’s director Chrisopher Nolan is apparently the only one shooting movies in the IMAX film format except for Coogler and Jodan who are following in his footsteps. So far as PetaPixel is aware, there are no movies being released this year that was shot on IMAX film cameras.

The challenges of shooting with IMAX are well-known: they are bulky and incredibly loud making capturing audio almost impossible. Although Oppenheimer also made use of Panavision 65mm cameras.

However, a new generation of IMAX cameras are on their way which are supposed to be 30 percent quieter than the current fleet as well as being more user-friendly.

Perhaps once the new IMAX cameras are out then more studios will decide to take on the format.

Why Shoot on IMAX 65mm Film Cameras?

IMAX cameras deliver an unusual 1.43:1 aspect ratio which is both tall and wide. This field of view, best seen in IMAX theaters, can really take advantage of the higher resolution and details that IMAX 65mm has to offer.

It provides a clearer and sharper image which can immerse the audience into the film they’re watching. The large film format also allows for greater dynamic range; capturing more details in the shadows and highlights.

IMAX cameras are associated with grand, establishing shots of landscapes in which viewers can see the enhanced color fidelity. And because it is a film format, every shot has a cinematic feel with its fine grain and beautiful colors that only celluloid can capture.

Image credits: Celebrity photo licensed via Depositphotos.