Valoi Advancer 2 Offers Quality-of-Life Improvements for Film Photographers

Image of Valoi Advancer V2.

Valoi has updated its Advancer film digitization tool with a new model packed with numerous user-requested quality-of-life improvements.

The Valoi Advancer lets film photographers scan their negatives using a digital camera. It evenly lights the negatives and allows users to easily and smoothly keep the film rolling through, making the digitization process more accessible and less expensive.

Now, Valoi issued a V2 option, along with a backwards compatible upgrade kit, that responds to user feedback.

First, the new version changes how holders sit on the Advancer. With the pre-existing model, the holders, which the film goes through, sit on top. However, in a video detailing the changes, Valoi notes that some holders fitter tighter while others leave some wiggle room. The Advancer 2, however, adds thumb screws, which can help keep the holders snugly in place. Valoi says the wiggle room is fine if users are aware of it but that the company listened to user feedback when implementing the design change. For those who swap out holders often or simply enjoy the ability to move things around quickly, the screws can be taken out.

Valoi has also added two tabs to keep the mask in place better. The company admits that the existing Advancer can see the mask slip behind the back. This is because there are tabs for the mask along the sides but not the top and bottom. The two additional tabs in these places make the mask more secure, making it easier and more reliable.

Finally, the holes, and therefore the screws, are on the knobs. This creates a more secure attachment and better avoids possibly stripping the screws, which Valoi says was an issue with the smaller pieces.

The Valoi Advancer 2 costs $194, but users with the earlier version can opt for the upgrade kits for $99. However, the listing for the Advancer kit notes the company likely won’t make more once the batch of 200 units sells out. It comes with one Valoi Advancer frame, two M4 thumb screws for the fastening holder, and eight red rollers.

The V1 is also still available for $165 through a closing sale. But since it’s been replaced, few are likely left.

Image credits: Valoi