Retrospekt x Pabst Blue Ribbon Film Camera is Made for Capturing Good Vibes and Fun Times

A vintage camera with a Pabst Blue Ribbon design is placed on a surface beside a glass of golden beer with a foamy head. The beer glass is labeled "Original." The background features a stone wall with sunlight casting warm tones on the scene.

A couple of Milwaukee-based brands are teaming up for a beer-themed, easy-to-use film camera. Retrospekt, known for refurbished vintage cameras often adorned with glorious visuals, is releasing a simple-use 35mm film camera with Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) graphics.

The collaboration doesn’t stop at a preloaded 35mm camera, either. Retrospekt and PBR are also launching a retro-inspired t-shirt featuring “a classic PBR pitchman” enjoying a “quintessential piece of music tech.” Put another way, the shirt features a PBR character in a skin-tight superhero costume listening to a personal cassette player.

White T-shirt featuring a colorful graphic on the back of a cartoon character dressed in a superhero costume, holding a smartphone and a drink, standing on a large Pabst Blue Ribbon can. Text reads "Cool Blue." and "Retrospkt x Champs on Air" at the bottom.
The back of the new Retrospekt x Pabst Blue Ribbon t-shirt

Back to the camera. The Retrospekt x PBR Simple-Use 35mm Film Camera arrives preloaded with 27 exposures of ISO 400 film and promises to work well across various lighting conditions thanks to a built-in flash (powered by a single AA battery, which is included). The shutter speed is fixed to 1/125s.

A vintage-style 35mm film camera is placed on a tree stump beside a glass of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. The text promotes a collaboration between Retrospekt and Pabst Blue Ribbon for a preloaded film camera. The background features a serene natural setting.

The camera has a fixed-focus lens, “allowing anyone to capture vibrant analog images without requiring manual adjustments.” The built-in lens has a 31mm focal length and f/11 aperture. The fixed focus is set to a meter (3.3 feet). Given the f/11 aperture and relatively wide focal length, the lens promises quite a bit of depth of field, which is excellent for versatility but will limit the ability for photographers to get nice bokeh.

A wooden bust of a man's head, a glass of beer with a frothy top, and a decorated camera are displayed on a cut tree stump against a stone wall.

A disposable camera with a Pabst Blue Ribbon design. The front features illustrations of people holding beer mugs, the Pabst logo, and the text "Support Your Local Bartender" and "Since 1844." The background is white with blue and gold accents.

A black disposable 35mm film camera with a white sticker on the back. The sticker features brand elements of Pabst Blue Ribbon, including the logo, a ribbon, and a hand holding a glass. Instructions for use are also printed on the sticker.

Retrospekt’s Simple-Use 35mm cameras are not disposable despite arriving preloaded and looking like a traditional disposable camera. They are designed to be used time and again, and Retrospekt offers detailed instructions to show users how to reload film. Of course, given the charming style, some photographers may prefer to display the camera on a shelf after they burn through the initial 27 shots.

Two boxes of Pabst Blue Ribbon 35mm film cameras. Each box features the Pabst Blue Ribbon logo, a vintage-style illustration of a person holding a drink, and text detailing specifications such as 27 exposures, 400 ISO, and a built-in flash.

“This collaboration is about designing products that enable experiences,” says Retrospekt Creative Director Michael Kempen. “PBR has a long and storied history but is also something that people continue to interact with very directly and choose for reasons besides just its pedigree. In a similar sense, while retro tech represents the building blocks of current technology, appreciation for it goes beyond simple nostalgia. Regardless of its place in time, it offers a very immersive, focused experience that’s still relevant today.”

Sample Images

A stone carved head and a wooden wagon wheel are propped against a stone wall. In the foreground, a glass of beer sits atop a cut tree stump. A red door is partially visible on the right side of the image, casting shadows on the scene.

A campfire burns with bright flames and orange embers in a wooded area at dusk. Wooden steps are visible in the background, beside which sits a single white can. The scene is surrounded by dense trees, partially shrouded in darkness.

A person sits at an outdoor table inside a circular brick structure. On the round table are a can of beer and a half-full beer glass. The person's legs are crossed, and trees and sky are visible in the background. The scene evokes a relaxed and casual setting.

A small, rustic wooden cabin with large windows stands amid a forest of tall, leafless trees. Sunlight filters through the branches, casting light on the cabin and the surrounding forest floor. A cushioned chair is visible inside the cabin through the windows.

A wooden table stands in a wooded area with a stack of white plates and a metal ring suspended above them. Sunlight streams through the trees, illuminating parts of the scene and casting shadows on the ground.

A red barn with a gray shingled roof and a weather vane sits under a clear sky. Part of a tree with green foliage is visible to the left, providing contrast to the barn's red color. The barn has a white cupola on its roof.

A rustic scene featuring a wooden sculpture of a face sitting on a tree stump. On top of the sculpture is a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. A glass of beer and a baseball glove are also on the stump. Two large wagon wheels lean against a stone wall in the background.

Pricing and Availability

The Retrospekt x PBR Simple-Use 35mm Film Camera is available today through Retrospekt’s online store and at Urban Outfitters for $29. The new vintage-style t-shirt is available exclusively through Retrospekt’s official website for $39.

Image credits: Retrospekt